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Recently, I took the time to breakdown my finances. I think it is vital to know how much money/investments you have. I normally look at this every four months or so. I know some do this every month, but I just do not have the time. I wanted to share with everyone where I am monetarily. I feel that tracking my finances will hold me accountable. Besides, this is a journey that we are taking together.  The numbers below are based on December 1, 2017.

Individual Stock Portfolio
ConocoPhillips  Integrated Oil & Gas    Total Shares:  111            Price Per Share: 52.04           Total Value: 5,776.44           
Exxon Mobile Integrated Oil & Gas      Total Shares:   91           Price Per Share: 83.30          Total Value: 7,580.30    
American Electric Power   Electric Utilities  Total Shares: 44      Price Per Share: 76.87     Total Value: 3,382.28      
Aqua America   Water Utilities   Total Shares:  81          Price Per Share: 37.42      Total Value: 3,031.02
New York Community Bancorp, INC.   Financials  Total Shares: 435       Price Per Share: 13.12           Total Value: 5,707.20       
General Electric   Diversified Industrials  Total Shares: 117             Price Per Share: 17.92          Total Value: 2,096.64       
AT&T  Telecommunications   Total Shares:  857            Price Per Share: 36.30         Total Value: 31,109.10     
Reality Income   Commercial REITs   Total Shares:    41          Price Per Share:  55.35 Total Value: 2,269.35   Dividend Calendar: Monthly
Omega Healthcare Investors  Healthcare REITs        Total Shares: 313             Price Per Share: 26.89          Total Value: 8,416.57   
British American   Tobacco    Total Shares: 356             Price Per Share: 64.54          Total Value: 22,976.24    
The Coca-Cola Company  Beverages     Total Shares:  20            Price Per Share: 45.52          Total Value: 910.40   
Nike   Consumer Goods    Total Shares: 971             Price Per Share:  60.21         Total Value: 58,463.91
Intel Corporation Technology    Total Shares:  23            Price Per Share: 44.20           Total Value: 1,016.60    
Ford consumer Goods     Total Shares:   392           Price Per Share: 12.48          Total Value: 4,892.16
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Pharmaceutical    Total Shares: 555            Price Per Share: 62.96          Total Value: 34,942.80   


Total Individual Stocks: 192,571.01


Savings Account, US Bonds, Certificate of Deposit (CD), and Retirement Account
Savings Account – Total  Value: 21,040
Series I Bonds –  Total Value: 305
Certificate of Deposit – (CD) –  Total Value: 125,000
My Employee Retirement Account –  Total Value: 33,044.61
My Vanguard Target Retirement Account ( Roth IRA ) – Total Value: 5,483
Wife’s Employee Retirement System – Total Value: 24,744.50

Grand Total: $402,188.12

I really need to shift some money around and allocate it better, but I just feel that a lot of these stocks are priced high. For example, I would love to own more shares of Intel, but the price per share is too high of an entry point for me right now. In time, I hope to balance these 15 stocks better. It has been a long road saving/investing, but I am slowly getting there. I will continue to keep a close eye on these stocks and re-balance it when the time is right.

When is the last time you broke down your finances? How well do you track your savings/investments?


4 thoughts on “Tracking My Finances”

  1. I think I’m like you. I know I should do it more often than I do, but as you say, time is something we all need more of. I would say you are doing damn good! Personally, what I have invested is not in individual stocks, but is in an IRA with Jessica Cole, who used to be my financial advisor for many years (when I could afford to pay her yearly fee, which was only $500, and no, she didn’t get a commission on anything she sold me.) It’s with the company she works for now. I occasionally take a look at it just to make sure that it’s still growing, and she does have a fiduciary duty to monitor it for me. I’m also now trying to put 7% of my income (which is low as it is, but every little bit helps) into a 401(k) at work so as to minimize how much I lose in taxes. Even at my pitiful salary, I saw it’s 17% that I pay in taxes every paycheck.

    I find that when I am getting stressed, it’s because I’ve been letting the monitoring slide. My goal is to track my expenses every night but as I said it’s still a goal and not a reality. So what I do to feel less stressed is to take a look at all my student loans and then my retirement fund and savings accounts and see if I’m still in the black. Thankfully, I am worth more alive than dead. (This wasn’t always the case.)

    Thanks for the reminder I need to do this again as soon as my school is over on the 9th of this month! I’ve been meaning to blog about it anyway. 🙂

    1. I think you are doing great. It takes time and you will achieve your goals. I always tell my friends that it does not have to be pretty, it just has to get done. If there is a blueprint to life I certainly did not always follow it. Just one day at a time.

    1. It certainly did not happen over night. Building true wealth takes time, but the journey getting there is truly rewarding. Just one financial day at a time I guess. Thanks for the comment.

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