Take Care Of Yourself Cause No One Else Will

Have you ever heard of the saying “take care of yourself because no one else will”? I see a lot of people selflessly  helping others, while neglecting to take care of themselves. Why is this? Maybe some individuals are just too caring or helping others makes their life fulfilling. What is problematic about this is stretching yourself too thin can cause serious relationship issues, financial hardships and major depression.

You might be wondering why I am wanting to discuss this particular topic in the first place? Well, I am not a very complicated guy. In a lot of ways, I am like a machine with one singular purpose; reaching financial independence at all cost. I am driven to reach my financial goals and I often will not allow for anything to get in my way. I do not volunteer that much, do not hang out with friends that often and I tend not to worry about global issues. In some regard, that has been one of my greatest strengths and other times it makes me appear heartless.

If you have read any of my post, you know I encourage balance. I have struggled with this as most people do. However, I always make sure that I give myself personal time to decompress. Working out at the gym has always been a great stress reliever. I love getting on the treadmill and running. If you cannot remember the last time you took a  peaceful walk, enjoyed a good bike ride or read a good book, something might be wrong. Everyone needs to take the time for this. I know what you are thinking, easier said than done. Bet you did not know I am psychic.

Sometimes we care so much we are willing to get in debt or go without to help others. Who does not want to aid someone in a time of need? No one wants to see a person go hungry or an animal suffer. But that does not mean you should suffer in the process. You have to find a happy medium. Yes, I know, easier said than done.

All of this can lead to a major bout of depression. It can become overwhelming in an instant. Once that sets in, it may be difficult to rebound within a reasonable timeframe. It is kind of hard to hit the reset button and magically feel better again. I find that many so called friends do not fully understand that you cannot feel better when they want you to.  It does not work like that.

Remember the title of this post: “take care of yourself cause no one else will.” Like it or not, that tends to be reality. My blog primarily focuses on saving, investing and frugality. However, if you are not in the right mindset, it is difficult to achieve your financial goals. You really have to find that perfect balance and I can tell you from experience, it does not come easy. You have to be methodical, mindful of knowing your own needs and you have to be willing to say no to others.

My question is how do you take care of yourself? Hopefully, by sharing, you can inspire others to take that first step of making sure their needs are being met. Good mental health is essential to everything you want to accomplish in your life. If that is out of whack, nothing will work properly.


4 thoughts on “Take Care Of Yourself Cause No One Else Will”

  1. Great question! We all need a little self-love, especially on a debt freedom journey that’s often difficult and full of setbacks. I take care of myself through daily exercise and budgeting in time for “me time.” I also created a strict morning routine so most of the household chores get completed before the day even begins. It helps make more time for fun stuff.

    1. Having a clean house makes for a better day. I cannot operate in a mess. Daily exercise is essential to good overall health. Great stress reliever.

  2. OMG, you actually enjoy running on a treadmill. I’ve always found that the most soul sucking horrible way to run. We get up before 5 AM and run on the city streets before the traffic shows up. Today it was 12 deg F, brutal and we had to dodge black ice every block, but still it beat the heck out of the treadmill! I appreciated the rest of the post but if you are living anywhere south of the north pole you need to get as far away from a treadmill as possible.

    1. I am a little crazy I guess. The treadmill works for me, but there is a TV right in front of me. That helps a lot. It has been too cold lately to run outside, but I also enjoy that as well.

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