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I am always looking for quality stocks or buying opportunities for the stocks I already own. I recently purchased additional shares in Reality Income (O) and a have a few more I am considering. Today, I will discuss EPR Properties, Ventas and Philip Morris International.

A few years ago, I was looking at EPR Properties, but decided to direct my resources toward other stocks. Recently, the stock has declined and has made me reconsider. EPR Properties is a specialty real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests in entertainment, recreation and education. They are known primarily for leasing over 150 megaplex theaters. I feel that they are taking the necessary steps of diversifying their portfolio toward other areas as well. I like this particular company because it pays a solid monthly dividend that yields over 7%. This stock is great for individuals who are wanting to build an income portfolio.

Ventas is another solid REIT that focuses on serving the healthcare industry by investing in skilled nursing facilities, senior housing communities, medical office buildings, etc. Its dividend currently yields over 6% and is trading toward its 52 week range low. I personally feel it is at a buying point. Once again, this is a great stock for people who are building an income portfolio.

I have already discussed Philip Morris International in a past article, but I like this particular tobacco stock. I feel that there is room for capital appreciation and it has a solid dividend yield of 4%. The real question is how do you feel about owning a tobacco stock? Are you morally conflicted? I typically make my investment decisions based off making money. That is the purpose of investing.

As always, these are just a few stocks that look interesting to me. I believe in long-term plays and not just trying to make a quick buck. I believe you should always try to invest in strong companies that will be profitable for many years to come. My advice is always geared toward long-term investors. As for the stocks mentioned above you can purchase them through Computershare orĀ  EQ Shareowner Online.

So, what do you think about these companies and what stocks are on your radar?

4 thoughts on “Stocks On My Radar”

  1. Hi OKPP,
    EPR is the only one I do not own and am not familiar with. PM and O are larfe holdings of mine, VTR a smallish one. I like O the best right now based on valuation. PM second. There payout ratio is a little high which is limiting dividend growth. Good luck with your decisions and building your cash flow. Tom

  2. I like PM. Smoking is not going anywhere. I think PM is investing into cigarette alternatives and will most likely evolve to meet new challenges. I will probably stay away from REITs for now.

    1. REITs are taking a hit right now with the threat of interest rates going up. I will probably continue to purchase some, but I will only choose the best in the industry. It is all about long-term for me. I will just have to hold on to them for several years. Thanks for the comment.

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