What Traits Make A Person Successful?

I often think about what makes a person successful because I do not think it is blind luck that makes an individual accomplish amazing things. I know a lot of people who are highly educated, but have no common sense or drive. Do you know these people? Are you one of them? Dumb luck is simply not enough in my humble opinion. Today, I would like to discuss five traits that I feel helps an individual do well in society.

They’re willing to take risk. Most successful people are willing to take more risk than others. Think about Mark Cuban, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. All of these individuals were willing to bet the farm on themselves. The willingness to take a chance can truly payoff, but most individuals are to timid to reach their full potential. Willing yourself to take action is essential if you want to be victorious.

They’re willing to learn new skills.¬† Successful people are always trying to learn new skills. Perhaps you take a few online classes about investments, computer programming¬† or how to start a blog. Honestly, there are many ways to educate yourself. Knowledge is power and acquiring those skills can lead you toward a new career or even a promotion at work. The key is never stop learning and always be willing to seek out others for advice.

They are willing to admit when they’re wrong. I do not know a lot of prosperous people who haven’t failed from time to time. No one is perfect, but successful individuals learn from their mistakes. Steve Jobs did not always have great ideas. Remember the computer company, NeXT. That was an utter failure, but it did pave the way for his return to Apple. A major setback can often destroy the average person, rendering them in the fetal position. A successful person will make the proper adjustments and move on.

They’re willing to adapt. How many of us are set in our ways? A successful person is always willing to evolve. When times are hard, a person has to roll with the punches. I often think of David Siegel who is an American businessman and founder of Westgate Resorts. During the Great Recession, he was truly against the ropes. People just could not afford a timeshare during that period. Even though I think he spends his own money recklessly (which is showcased in the documentary The Queen of Versailles) , Mr. Siegel never stops fighting. That is a characteristic that we should all desire. Being able to adapt to one’s environment is a testament to success.

They’re emotionally balanced and always keep their perspective. Those who control their emotions tend to thrive during times of strife. A single issue is not going to stop them from achieving their goals. Their mindset is always toward the long-term, so short-term problems are not that big of a deal.

In the end, these are merely five traits that successful individuals reveal. I personally feel that a person has to be willing to take risk to succeed in life. Playing it safe all the time will not get you as far. I have always believed in my abilities even when I have failed. Learning from those mistakes are essential, but you have to start by trying. Do not just dream about something, actually do it. That dream might take years to achieve, but it will be worth it. So, do you share any of these traits? What else can you think of that successful people do?

2 thoughts on “What Traits Make A Person Successful?”

  1. Those are very important traits, probably the top ones! I’d add being trustworthy/having integrity, being nice to others when you get no benefit and being able to make a decision. I had some really smart department managers that just couldn’t pull the trigger on a decision and I had some supremely talented engineers that weren’t very nice at times and one incredibly versatile guy who was perfect except you could not trust him and they all were limited by those characteristics. But you named all the main ones that matter!

    1. I definitely think trustworthy/having integrity is important. The sad thing, however, is a lot successful people do not have this trait. Thanks for the comment.

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