March Update On New Year’s Resolutions

Hard to believe it is already March! I just cannot believe how fast this year is moving. Well, I am still sticking to my resolutions and I feel that it is not getting the better of me. My motivation has been surprisingly good, especially when it come to not drinking that much soda. I cannot believe how easy that has been. I am truly grateful for cutting back because I was putting way too much sugar in my body.

Save and invest aggressively. I recently purchased Philip Morris International. I invested $1,000 dollars and I plan on keeping this stock for many years to come. I think it is a great dividend stock with some growth prospects. I recently sold 120 shares of Bristol-Myers Squibb because the price was just right. I still hold a strong position with the company, but I wanted to reallocate some funds to AT&T and start a new position with Medtronic.  I think this medical device company is outstanding and great for long term investors. Right now, I will continue to focus on stocks that are leaders in their industry.

Lose 10 to 15 pounds. I weighed myself yesterday (March 5) and I was 175 pounds! I feel like I am at the right weight now. I have been really watching the calories and only allowing myself one soda per day. Running on the treadmill and doing a lot of walking has helped me enormously. Discipline is truly the key and I will just keep doing what I am doing.

Read more investment books and financial blogs. I have been reading another interesting stock book; Michael K. Farr’s A Million Is Not Enough: How to Retire with the Money You’ll Need. I like this book, but it is not my favorite. I think a person can make it on a million dollars depending on their lifestyle, where they live and what age they retire. I felt I learned a little from the book. If you click on the title of the book above you can  purchase it on my Amazon Affiliate link. Remember the golden rule: you should always want to make me money.

I really have not been looking at new financial blog here recently. I have been a little busy at work and just have not done so. I am sure I will get around to it later.

Always make time for my son and future kiddo on the way. Everyday is an adventure with my boy.  He will be turning 4 years old next month. The time is really going by fast. As for the bun in the oven (Emma) we have another doctor’s appointment on March 9th. It is just a regular checkup.

Golf more. Very little at this point. However, I did hit the ball at the driving range. It felt great! I will continue to hit the ball at the driving range before I play on the course.

Well, that is about it. I try to live a simple life. How are your goals going so far?

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    1. I think PM is a good solid stock. The stock market has been all over the map here lately, so I am just focusing on great companies. I cannot imagine a world without soda, but I can accept one per day. Thanks for the comment.

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