Spring Break Road Trip

What a great Spring Break! My wife and I took our son to Abraham Lincoln’s house in Springfield, Illinois. We also went to Iowa to visit Antique Archaeology which is the shop from the show American Pickers. Along the way, we visited my wife’s Grandmother and our son got to meet her for the first time.

I have always loved history and I really want my son to understand how great our country is. Knowing about the people who shaped America is equally vital to financial literacy. I hope to help make my son a well-rounded individual. Visiting Lincoln’s house was a lot of fun and in some ways surreal. President Lincoln had such a major impact on society and I am glad we were able to share that moment together as a family.

After we visited there, we made the journey to LeClare, Iowa. We have always enjoyed watching American Pickers on the History Channel and since we were going to Iowa anyway, why not stop by their shop. Unfortunately, the store was pretty small and it was more of a tourist attraction than anything else. Yes, they had some of the items you see in the show, but mainly they sold expensive shirts and other merchandise. Most shirts were between $25 and $35 dollars. However, the town was beautiful and we had the opportunity to visit the Buffalo Bill Museum.

It was pretty funny when we were at the museum because my son so a doll that looked like the Annabelle doll. Yes, he is only 3 and loves scary movies. He would not get that close to the doll. It was pretty funny. It is the little things that stand out. Overall, I am glad we visited that town. I  know that he will probably not remember much of it, but we always have this picture to remind us.

After visiting Antique Archaeology and the Buffalo Bill Museum, we headed to Cedar Rapids and spent a little time with my wife’s Grandmother. It was really nice seeing her and she of course gave me a hard time about my hair. I have always had puffy hair.  I also keep a comb on me and I enjoy brushing my hair. It was great seeing her and my son just loves meeting people.

We tried our best to keep the cost down for this trip; gas and hotels where the main expenditures. I was a sucker and bought those expensive shirts. Probably not the best idea, but my son and I have matching shirts, so that is nice. Overall, I am just glad everyone had a good time. Making memories with family is always important and we did it on a reasonable budget. Did anyone else go on a Spring Break trip?

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