Tiny Homes: It Is A Glorified RV Camper People!

First, I have nothing against mobile homes. I use to own one a few years ago and I personally would not be oppose to having another. Everyone seems to be enchanted with the idea of owning a tiny home. I personally think they cost way too much and is really a glorified RV or camper. That is just my humble opinion. Today, however, I will try to discuss with limited biases the pros and cons of tiny homes vs. mobile homes.

Cost. Have you seen how much a tiny home cost? It is crazy! I know what you are thinking; I am not bias at all.  A lot of these tiny homes cost between $35,00-$45,000. I have seen several online for over $50,000. I personally believe the cost is too much. Maybe that is because I live in Oklahoma and know several people who buy mobile homes.

The cost for a mobile is comparable with tiny homes, but the primary difference is you get more for your money. A 16×80 mobile home¬† is generally around 1,200 square feet. I just like the idea that you are getting more for your money, but I do understand that some like the idea of having something smaller.

Mobility. The tiny home is definitely more mobile. You can pretty much take it anywhere. Essentially your tiny home is a RV trailer/camper. I think that is why I do not like it that much. You are spending $40,000 on a fancy RV trailer/camper. However, if you like the idea of hooking your tiny home up to your pick-up truck and moving to the next destination, it might just be for you.

If you buy a mobile home it is a little harder to just pick up and go. You will most likely have to hire a professional to move it. I still personally like this option if you are going to stay at one location for a long period of time.

Aesthetics. I do believe tiny homes look nicer than your typical mobile home. Perhaps that is why they tend to cost more. I would imagine that the quality of building material is better, but you do have to maximize every inch. However, mobile homes look pretty nice and many of them look just as nice as regular homes inside.

Environmental Impact. I think a lot of people choose tiny homes to reduce emissions, waste, etc. Trying to leave this planet a little better off is not a bad notion to strive toward. I definitively see the appeal. However, I do not think mobile homes are that bad. Most new mobile homes are pretty energy efficient.

I think in the end, it all comes down to your lifestyle. There is a sense of romance about living in a tiny home and having the freedom to pick up and go as you please. I would strongly encourage you to research all your options before choosing which route to take. I think mobile homes are a good option if you select a quality brand. It seems that Clayton Homes are some of the better made mobile homes on the market. So, what is your opinion of tiny homes vs. mobile homes? Below is a list of tiny homes and mobile homes where you can purchase them. I mainly focus on Oklahoma.



Solitaire Homes



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