Current Stock Portfolio

This past year, I have either added to my current positions or have bought into new companies. I have been trying to better diversify my portfolio. My goal to to average around 4 percent dividend yield. So far, I am on track. I am primarily an income investor since my number one goal is to live off the dividends one day. Now that does not mean I don’t look for some growth stocks, but income/dividend growth shapes my decision-making. Below is a list of the 20 individual companies that I currently hold a position in:


ConocoPhillips Wells Fargo Omega Healthcare Investors Healthcare REITs The Coca-Cola Company Ford Motor Company
Exxon Mobile American Electric Power British American Tobacco Keurig Dr Pepper Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Aqua America AT&T Philip Morris International PepsiCo Medtronic PLC
New York Community Bancorp Reality Income Altria Nike General Electric


I am pretty satisfied with these companies overall. I not a big fan, however, of General Electric right now. I bought this stock several years ago and I have watched management destroy this once iconic company.  Currently, I am waiting to see if the new leadership can turn it around. I personally think they are making the right decisions, but only time will tell.  I think  most of investors strive to build a well-balanced portfolio, but from time-to-time we pick not so stellar companies . My strategy, however, has always been to structure a diversified dividend income portfolio. My goal is to live off  that income in the coming years.

An important note to make is that the list of stocks above does not include my retirement accounts, savings account or Certificate of Deposit (CD). I am strictly showing my individual stocks.  As of last week, the value of all these individual holdings topped a little over $215,000. So, my questions is do you like to own individual stocks? How to do you pick your stocks? Comments are always encouraged.

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