Psychology of Saving: Getting Into The Mindset

Why does saving bring me so much pleasure? Since I was around 19 years old, saving money has been my drug of choice. When I saved my first $10,000 I thought I had made it and when I reached $100,000 I felt like Rockefeller. Reality eventually set in, but I felt great for about a week. Continue reading “Psychology of Saving: Getting Into The Mindset”

Being A Frugal Role Model For My Son

Growing up I never really had a role model when it came to finances. My mother was a single-parent who was disabled, so she did not work.  We were  definitely poor and struggled to have the basic necessities at times. She did not always make the most sound decisions with money, but money was very limited anyway, so it did not really matter that much. Continue reading “Being A Frugal Role Model For My Son”

Budgeting and Envelope System: Putting It All Together

In the past, I wrote about creating a budget and utilizing the envelope system to become more financially sound. Knowing your budget is probably the most critical aspect when trying to save. If you do not know where your money is going, you will never be able to maximize your savings. Continue reading “Budgeting and Envelope System: Putting It All Together”