Personal Finance Resources

Below is a list of financial resource tools  that I feel might be useful as you embark on your road to financial freedom. Periodically, I will add to this page. If you find resources that you think might be helpful to others, please share that information. I learn just as much from you as I hope you learn from me.

Millionaire Calculator

  •  Investopedia – Great millionaire calculator and just an overall good website.
  • DollarTimes – This site has several financial calculators that help you figure inflation, lunch savings, smoking costs, car loans and how to  payoff your mortgage early. I really enjoy playing with the different calculators on this site. Check it out!
  • Calc XML – Has several calculators ranging from retirement, savings, investing, auto, insurance, taxation, etc. I think I could spend a year on this site and not get bored. I use this site often.

Stock Purchasing Agencies

  • Vanguard – One of the gold standards if you are looking to keep cost down. You can purchase individuals stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), buy and sell individual CDs and bonds. I love using Vanguard.
  • Computershare – Is a transfer agency that respresents several corporations where you can buy their stock directly. I have used this agency for many years.
  • Wells Fargo Shareowner Online – Another good transfer agency that allows you to purchase individual stocks. I have also used this agency for many years.
  • – Offers an easy and comprehensive list of the various stock trading agencies you can use to purchase stocks. The purpose behind this section is to make the process of investing much easier.  staff have made it much easier to get started investing and I would strongly encourage you to check out this website.

Budget Worksheets and Templates

Mint – Offers several types of templates such as monthly budget, student budget, daycare budget, etc. I really do not use this site that much, but I find that younger generations love Mint. – Has a PDF Make Budget Worksheet that allows you to see how much money you spend monthly. I personally use this template.

Awesome Personal Financial Blogs 

Retire by 40 – A wonderful blog that meticulously details Joe Udo’s personal finances and offers a variety of interesting topics that help individuals inch closer toward retirement.

The Frugal Gene – A great blog that captures the millennial experience and how the experience of the financial crisis impacted Lily’s personal financial journey. If you are looking for a dose of self-discipline and inspiration this is your site.

Picky Pinchers – Mrs. Picky Pincher offers interesting financial guidance on how to stay frugal in a world that is anything but.  If you are looking for sound advice with a dose of humor, this is your site.

Rockstar Finance –  If you like personal finance blogs and want to learn about them, this site keeps track of all active blogs. This is an amazing resource that better connects the personal finance community. I strongly encourage you to check it out.

Cool Resources for Kids

Money and Stuff – Is a great website that offers a variety of budget templates for kids. It also has several activities that help educate kids of all ages on personal finance. I will definitely use these resources when my kids get older.

Biz Kids – Comprehensive website that covers just about everything a kid needs to know about personal finance. The videos are a little cheesy, but great resources on entrepreneurship, careers and savings/investing.

UAB COLLAT School of Business: Resources – I recently had a couple of kids (Alex and James) find a great resource page on Accounting. This website breaks down Accounting so teens and kids can understand it better. There are some really good resources on this page and I hope everyone will check it out. – This is a site that has several things you can do, but they also have a virtual portfolio where kids can buy stocks (simulation of course) and track their investments. I think this site is very helpful and will allow your kids to get needed practice without the worry of losing real money.

How The Market – Another virtual stock market game that allows kids to pick stocks without the worry of losing money.

Financial Videos

Investing 101: Understanding How to Get Started – This is a good video if you want to learn some of the basic of investing. I discuss the need for creating an emergency fund and discuss what resources are out there to help educate yourself. Good starting point for future savers and investors.

Building Your Own Investment Portfolio – This is a good video for those wanting to learn more about creating a portfolio.  If you are interested in learning where to specifically purchase stocks and buy index funds this video is a good starting point.

Other Cool Finance Stuff

How Much Should I Have in My 401K? Balance by Age  – I recently got an email about this article and I wanted to share the information. It really offers a great deal of information on defining what a 401K is and the benefits of having this type of retirement account.  What I like about this article, is it shares how much you should have contributed at different stages of your life. It is a good quick read!


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