Three Individual Stocks That Look Intriguing

The stock market has been hitting all time highs almost everyday recently and most seem euphoric  when checking their investment portfolio. With stocks at an all time high, it is becoming a little more difficult to find investment opportunities. Today, I am going to discuss  three stocks that have garnered my attention; Omega Healthcare Investors Inc., General Electric and AT&T.

Omega Healthcare Investors Inc. (OHI) is a real estate investment firm that specializes in healthcare facilities. This company is known for offering a tremendous dividend that is currently over 9% and has steadily increased it over the years. Income investors flock to this stock. However, over the past month OHI has been hammered.

OHI has recently had tenant reliability issues and as a result the stock price has fallen nearly 15%. I personally feel that OHI is a well run company that will address this issue and will only experience short-term headwinds. I plan on buying more shares of this company while it is down. I am a long-term investor, so I am not too concerned with the price drop right now. I will definitely purchase more shares in this company, especially at this price level. I currently own 313 shares.

Another company I have my eye on is General Electric (GE). This company was founded in the 1890s and has been a powerhouse for decades. However, times have certainly changed and I primarily blame poor management decisions. The price of GE stock has fallen over 40% this year and investors are starting to run. I currently own 117 shares and I am thinking about buying more, but I really want to wait and see where the bottom is. I am going watch closely and if I feel that management is taking the necessary steps to turn this company around, I will purchase more. Only time will tell, but I would keep a close eye on this one if I was you.

Lastly, AT&T (T) is a massive multinational conglomerate that income investors have loved for years. The stock has been hit recently with the negative news surrounding the Time Warner merger deal. The Department of Justice has attempted to block the 85 billion acquisition, which many feel is politically motivated. I personally feel that the deal will be approved at a later date.

One of the greatest advantages T stock has is their giant moat. Just the sheer size of this company (224 billion) allows it to weather the storms that manifest. T stock price is at an attractive level right now and the dividend  is currently at 5.6%. If you are a long-term investor this company might be for you. I personally own 857 shares of this company and I plan on purchasing more.

So, what stocks are on your list? Do you buy individual stocks or do you contribute to index funds?

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