Busy Few Weeks

I will try to keep this post short today. I was not able to post anything the last two weeks due to my wife having our baby girl Emma early. It took us all by surprise because she was only 34 weeks into the pregnancy. We have been spending our time driving back and forth to the hospital and she finally was able to come home yesterday. Both my wife and daughter are doing well, but we are really tired.

As a person who loves to micro manage everything, this has been a real struggle. I guess it teaches me that life happens and you have to be flexible. Just because things do not work out according to plan, that does not mean it is the end of the world. Hopefully, I can get back to some normalcy now that Emma is home. It really has been a wild ride, but it was worth it.

My question is what happens when your plan does not work out? What advice do you have for individuals struggling to get back on track? Your thoughts and opinions are always welcomed.

2 thoughts on “Busy Few Weeks”

  1. I’m happy to hear your wife and Emma are safely at home! I can’t imagine how difficult the last few weeks have been for your family. Big life changes, especially with complications, would mess anyone up.

    When I was recovering from surgery last month, it took me three weeks to really get back into my groove. I’m fortunate that a full(ish) recovery only took a week. But mentally it’s hard to get back in the game.

    My suggestions are to be kind to yourself and just do what you can. Outsource if it makes sense, especially during these crazy seasons of life. You can’t recover if you’re constantly running on empty!

    1. I agree. I have definitely been running on empty, but things are improving. I think everyone is now getting back to a normal life. Just taking one day at a time seems to be working. I plan on taking off a little early this week, so I can go golf. That always helps me. Thanks for the comment.

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