What Does Meaningfulness Mean To You?

How do you define meaningfulness? We can look at the actual definition which defines it as significance, purpose or value. What makes it tricky is that everyone values things differently. A persons age also plays a factor because I certainly valued things differently in my 20s compared to now in my late 30s. Today, I would like to share what is meaningful to me.

Watching movies with the family. I think one of my favorite things to do is watch a good scary movie with my son. That was something that my mother and I shared when I was a kid. Now that she is passed away, I often remember the movies we watched together. I will always remember those  cherish moments and I hope one day my son appreciates the memories we are building.

Currently, Greyson enjoys curling up in bed with all of his super heroes (he believes they will keep him safe) and watch movies like the Conjuring, Insidious or Nightmare On Elm Street. Halloween is probably our favorite time of the year. The boy really enjoys a good scary movie. Naturally, you are probably thinking that a 4 year should not be watching these types of movies. However, he knows that they are make believe and like I said before, he enjoys a good scary movie.

Loving what you do for a living makes life worth living. I really enjoy getting up each day and going to work. That was not always the case, but I work for a program that I really believe in. I work for a TRIO Program that helps first-generation, limited income or students with a documented disability graduate from college. I also work closely with students on setting up job shadows. Everyday is different and that makes the job more interesting. Without question, building relationships with those students has been amazing and I can truly say I love what I do.

Living within my means. I am not a big spender. I receive great satisfaction saving my money. I actually get more pleasure putting money back then I do spending it. I think the main reason I like it, is the fact not a lot of people have the discipline to conquer  their finances. I feel this ability makes me stand out a little. I know a lot of smart people with advanced degrees who are a disaster when it comes to money.

I often feel that individuals are trying to maintain a certain image and will take on more debt to achieve that specific lifestyle.  Who does not want to have nice things, but trying to keep up with the Joneses is pointless in my humble opinion. You just have to live your own life and not get caught up with what your family or friends have.  I feel a lot of people become slaves to material items. Sometimes having less is actually a good thing.

These are just some of the things that are meaningful to me. I think it all centers around a more simple lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with having nice things, but everything is about balance. Watching a good movie with family, taking pride in your work and living within your means are all within reach. So, what do you value? What brings meaning to your life?

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